This week we made a tour and tasting at Cuvage. Now this is our very own “Champagne” house right here in Acqui, how lucky are we?


We do have a jolly nice friend at Cuvage that did the tour for us and it was amazing to see the bottle machine, disgorgement machines and the autoclave, these are pressurized tanks for sparkling wine, not Champagne.

At the end we could try three perfect chilled Champagnes, Cuvage di Cuvage, Cuvage Rosè, and Blanc de Blanc  served with tasty treats. It was indeed a fabulous way to spend the afternoon, and what is more, this will be included in our new Champagne in Piemonte Tour. We have two star producers out of a total of only 15 in the region.

The award winning Cuvage produces 5 million bottles a year and sells worldwide. It is delicious and there are bottles here at Verdmont chilled to perfection just waiting for you!



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