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Covid 19 in Lockdown

So we have been in Lockdown for weeks in fact forget how long but we are very fortunate with alot of space and and time. So what have we been doing?

The Cabana is progressing nicely but we have had to come to a halt to respect guidelines. So we have turned to the garden.

Our main aim is to roll back human interference and implement rewilding. This is leaving zones naturally wild to encourage biodiversity into the Verdmont estate. In this spirit we are creating a wild Biozone including a water, and a wildflower garden with new fruit trees in the lower area. Also in this zone we will be installing a water garden allowing population by local species. We will be designing it as a large shallow basin respecting the land and filling it with collected rainwater. Its banks will be local rock and stone and log piles from our trees which will serve as habitats for frogs and salamanders. Surrounding this will be a natural flower meadow and banks of local plants flowers and self seeded trees. This will provide food and shelter for insects birds and bats. It will all take time but work has already started and the flower meadow already planted. We are hoping this rich landscape will allow struggling local species to survive.

During our extended time we have notice new tree seedings and growing nicely and naturalizing our landscape while storing carbon dioxide. The latest specimens are walnut, fig, sambucus or elder, birch, wild cherry and alot of acacia. We have managed to ring fence around 120 trees for protecting from animals to allow them to reach maturity.

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