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Le Cesarine

One project I have been working hard on is becoming a Cesarine which is not easy. What is a Cesarine first of all? Well in their own words they are an association of home chefs who are primarily occupied with preserving, teaching and disseminating traditional regional Italian recipes. Through workshops, lessons & intimate dining experiences.

Firstly I am not Italian, I don’t have my Nonna’s traditional recipes to hand as my Nonna passed away some time ago and she was not Italian either ! In fact she could not have been further from Italian in terms of food.

Second I have only been here a blink of an eye, in Italian terms at least 12 years! But I do have is enthusiasm and a love for my adopted country and deep respect for its enogastronomic heritage. Being a dab hand in the kitchen also helps.

Cesarine Ariella in her kitchen at Verdmont

So after some work I am now officially a Cesarine qualified and ready to offer meals experience and lessons in the art of traditional Italian home cooking. I am currently working on a few menus to start offering here at Verdmont and would be delighted if you would join my table and celebrate Italian food and wine with me.

Homemade gnocchi con funghi with red wine at Verdmont Acqui terme

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