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Dear Workaholic tune out & turn off!

We live in a society where being busy is seen as a golden trait. We are busy doing stuff, sometimes we forget to look up. This is a quick guide on how to relax and get the most out of your stay.

I am linking to an article I read this morning over my green tea! It talks about Toxic productivity and how to spot it, I hope you enjoy.

From my angle, I often see families or couples vacationing. Typically one or both are still tied to work; answering calls, texts and emails, fun trips or activities are cancelled. At some point, the fear of missing out takes over and drives them out to see or do something in a hurry, before the trip is over.

I am not judging, trust me; my own family has suffered through this for years but now we are on the other side, I can relate and sometimes its about taking a little time for yourself

Relaxing is recharging. It is not being lazy or unproductive. Sometimes doing nothing or just something different is exactly what the brain needs.

With kids this is free play, when they are not coralled into a club or activity but alllowed time to be with oneself and enjoy rolling around on the floor, kids need this. For adults, you can certainly try rolling around on the floor, but generally we need to take relaxation in steps. Like a detox.

Where do I start?

First, you chose Verdmont well done. We are definitely the place to really relax, we are off the beaten track stepped in nature and you will hear bees if you stop and listen. We offer pampering services like massage, babysitting, family evenings and meals. Take advantage! This is about looking after you.


If you look under your bed you will find a large padded mat. Pull it out and lay it in the sun or shade or a peaceful spot. Lay flat on your back. Take in a deep breath in and out and do it again. Stay for a moment, just breathing. Think about the sky, or ocean or a river. Let your worries and mind run away.


For some this is futile, in which case I suggest taking a walk. it does not have to be long or exhausting set a pace you are comfortable with, walk with no aim, no destination, no podcast (I know guilty as charged!).


Float in the pool. I can tell you its virtually empty around 1pm so take the time and float for five minutes. Or do some light stretching.


I also recommend a massage, start the vacation off in a way that sets the tone. Once you are in a more relaxed frame of mind tuning out needless demends will be easier. A sunset meditation on the observation deck will be easier too!

All of these are designed to be sweet nothings. To set you on the path to a little more balance.Whichever you choose take your time and ENJOY!

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