We have been working very hard and I think we can agree the new Loft looks amazing with its ecclectic mix of modern and classic.  The asian influence, italian furnishing in an industrial backdrop, hard to believe? Pay us a visit!

Breakfast @ Verdmont

Now we offer a delicious breakfast basket delivered to you door or tent.

Take a look.

It includes fresh baked bread, gianduia croissants, Fresh coffee, squeezed orange juice, a fruit cup, a meat and cheese selection and a few more seasonal goodies! All this for €8 per person, and you do not have to leave your comfort zone.

Why not packages!

We are always delighted to announce additional services to Verdmont, and the latest is:

A two night Verdmont Roman spa package including:

  • A bottle of Cuvage Champagnee3138f6045443c8dafa9e058cdb62ee0_f1543
  • Breakfast served, in your room /apartment or on your private terrace.
  • Entry to Spa Lago Delle Sorgenti

Price per person €150. Available all year round, though we highly recommend Autumn and Winter, there is nothing like a swim in Thermal waters when the temperatures dip!

Book via our website
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Enoteca Bar Ciabot

A delightful little bar sits at the very gates of the pedestrian area of Acqui, we paid a visit and I tasted a rather lovely wine Arneis and Jens rolled into a Barbera, the lovely host brought us goats cheese with mostarda cups, salami like they used to make and little bits of foccacia.  We watched people walk and talk, and kids run around. We highly recommend it. There a wide range of Piemonte wines on one wall and the rest of the world occupies the opposite wall of the cozy space. You can drink and order by the bottle or glass, you can also take them away. The host is knowledgable and friendly and open all day. It was a perfect way to break up the evening, it is a 20 minute walk from Verdmont. Give it a go!


This week we made a tour and tasting at Cuvage. Now this is our very own “Champagne” house right here in Acqui, how lucky are we?


We do have a jolly nice friend at Cuvage that did the tour for us and it was amazing to see the bottle machine, disgorgement machines and the autoclave, these are pressurized tanks for sparkling wine, not Champagne.

At the end we could try three perfect chilled Champagnes, Cuvage di Cuvage, Cuvage Rosè, and Blanc de Blanc  served with tasty treats. It was indeed a fabulous way to spend the afternoon, and what is more, this will be included in our new Champagne in Piemonte Tour. We have two star producers out of a total of only 15 in the region.

The award winning Cuvage produces 5 million bottles a year and sells worldwide. It is delicious and there are bottles here at Verdmont chilled to perfection just waiting for you!




We did a really wonderful visit to Banfi wineries the other week. Ok the main HQ is in Toscana but the Piemonte location is in fact busily producing our local wines including Champagne Methodo Classico, Brachetto and of course the solid reds of our hills.

So we showed up on a blisteringly hot afternoon to a rather inconspicuous door with a simple sign above it.

img_0055.jpgOnce inside there were offices, bottling warehouses and rooms full of champagne!

So give you a little taste here are some photos and the good news is you can book a tour through Verdmont, for €30 per person we will chauffer you to the cantina you can enjoy a 30 minute tour of the cantina and bottling facility followed by a delicious tasting of three wines and Champagnes with salami, cheeses and Focaccia, and lastly a stop at the Enoteca to buy on the way home! Available Monday to Friday.


A bit of Barbera


Yesterday we found ourselves trying some wine after a tour of Cascina Garitina – located between Acqui and Nizza. The drive there was truly beautiful.  The Cascina is a neat and tidy well run operation with mostly steel tanks and DOCG maturation in Barrels. The interesting thing about this is they use a lot of screw caps as opposed to corks, the question seems to be about risk. Cork shrinkage lets in air and ruins the wine, this seems smart and logical but flies in the face of wine snobbery and tradition!

Having said that they produce a range of seriously delicious red wine. Based off mostly Barbera, they had everything from a daily wine to the right of the photo all the way up to full bodied Barbera (the 900 range). The 2014 was elegant, dry not overly fruity the perfect companion with a good steak. That is the bottle at the front left. One of our favorites was the Bricco Garitta – Bricco means grapes grown on a sunny hilltop and this was truly a divine wine. Given Barbera is a grape that loves a long and warm summer (temperatures above 30C) a sunny hill is a perfect location. 2015 was also a very warm and long summer and the Bricco Garitta had a soft, silky and even slightly smoky flavor. Still a very young wine (2015), but ready to drink now or store. We also tried Merlot and Pino Nero which are not the “standard” Piemonte grapes but those were nice too. Lastly the little brother of Barbera the Dolcetto Vera was smooth and elegant, perfect for your Apperitivo or drink on it’s own.


They also produce the lightest most drinkable Bracchetto d’Acqui I have ever tasted, not overly sweet. We were told that this is the Brachetto that people used to drink (in the good old days) with the merenda (between meal snack), especially on a warm summer day. Lastly we tried the Passiti which was refined with a touch of aroma but not overly sweet that some Passiti can be (this is of course personal). Served at 4C it was perfect for the cheese board!

So the sum was I could do an entire dinner with just this winery to pair with, how fantastic and versatile is that!

Vincenzo was a great guide and we will be returning and sending our guests!