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Felicity’s playhouse

We are a family business at Verdmont and we pride ourselves in catering to our smallest visitors. A play area with swings, a pool to visit with Mum and Dad, and the little playhouse named after our smallest, Felicity ‘s playhouse. It is a perfectly sheltered spot nestled in the Acacia trees far enough for prying adult eyes but close enough for the comfort of Mum and Dad.

Vacation home

Family camping time

For a while I have been dreaming about creating a nice spot for families who want to enjoy the great outdoors, nature and fun but without the mountain of things you need to bring for camping especially with kids!!

Enter the Viking tent, inspired by vikings with a modern twist the construction is well underway, and hopefully within a few short weeks we will be able to offer a a large space for up to six people to explore the great outdoors.

This custom hand,ade tent will accomodate up to four and combine with the original bell tent to sleep a total of 6 set in you own 150 metre squared space.

Vacation home

Ready for play

Vacation home


In the era of climate change we feel the need to inform our guest of what we have already done to help our planet.

At Verdmont we are committed to helping the planet; here is what we have already implemented.


Verdmont is fitted with a large rooftop solar array producing 30kw of energy throughout the day.

Verdmont is equipped with a solar thermal array meaning most hot water for eight months of the year is supplied by the sun.

Laundry is washed in hotter water but minimal detergents and sun dried (UV rays kills germs) reducing plastic waste and energy waste from dryers.

Verdmont has doubled insulation to enable passive heating and cooling.

Our off grid Glamping offerings are virtually zero environmental impact. Using solar rechargeable batteries.

Electric vehicles, the Verdmont taxi is a Tesla full electric car, we also allow EV car charging for our guests.


We supply glass bottles for drinking tap water instead of using plastic bottles, please use them.

We use refillable bottles of soap reducing plastic waste.

Glass filters in the pool allow lower chemical use and lower water waste. Follow pool instructions to lower the need for chemical load.

We collect waste pool water for irrigation.

Plastic and pollution

We use steam to clean eliminating chemical use and the resulting waste plastic bottles.

We recycle as much as possible and encourage our guests to do so.


80% of the property is left intentionally wild to encourage local flora and fauna. This includes large mammals like deer, wild boar, rabbits, foxes and moles. Birds such as Buzzards, eagles, the nightjar, pheasants, blue tits, owls, swallows and redstart but also insects honey bees, carpenter bees, butterflies , moths. Plants such as wild roses and rare flower species like the native Piemonte orchids.

Please walk our gardens and discover nature.

We reject fertilizers we reject pesticides .


We offer vegetarian options and always buy local produce for our meals and wine reducing impact from shipping and agriculture.

Vacation home

The beauty of winter

After a day of heavy snow the sun shines down and I am reminded of how important snow is to the vines around us. Currently everything is under a slowly melting white blanket and it is this precipitation that is perfect for wines. Slow release water. That aside it is utterly beautiful wouldn’t you agree? Wishing you all beautiful days from Verdmont.