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As the days get rapidly shorter and the mercury dips to zero here are a few suggestions of things to do in and around Acqui.

Acqui terme is a year round destination and whilst we do not have mountains there is more than enough fun to go round.

First up, cool down,  we have a real ice rink in Piazza Italia this year, so if skating around it is your thing, come along. Equipment is available for hire.

Next, warm up, there is nothing quite like warming yourself from the inside out with a spa visit, remember we have the boiling sulphur waters right here so you can enjoy a percorso or a soothing mud treament in either resort, Lago del Sorgente or Hotel terme.

Eat well, unlike many other regions Piemonte cuisine is at its absolute best during the winter, dishes featuring mushrooms, wild game, matured cheeses and comfort food.Not to forget the adored white truffle pictured above at Acqui annual Sapori festival.

Drink well, the wine is red, rich, deep and welcoming, need I say more?

Whilst winter is not always said to be the best season with a dusting of snow or frost this valley really is a winter wonderland.

Vacation home

Take time to feel

It is a brilliant November day here in Acqui Terme Piemonte and after a horrendous few days of storms it looks fabulous, the air, the sky, the water drops sparkling in the trees. Just makes you glad to live on such a precious planet. So I wanted to share some nature shots from literally a step outside the doors of Verdmont. Right outside The Room at Verdmont.

Towards the end of the month we have a wonderful fair in Acqui featuring the famous white truffle but more than that there are a wide variety of local foods, cheese, honey, snacks , pastas preserves and wines to try and to buy. I usually take alot home to give as Christmas gifts or for the Christmas table.

The event is Mostra di Tartufo Acqui Sapori, very catchy title but it is on 25 November 2018 so save the date!

Happy truffle or Porcini hunting, the weather is a perfect combination of damp and mild conditions. Perfect for autumn risotto!

Vacation home

As summer draws to a close

We embrace the beautiful colours of autumn here in Piemonte the vineyards are just about bursting into fiery shades of yellow , red and finally tans and browns to herald the rest period.

The mornings are cool with a dense fog that rolls back during the morning to make way for the sunshine.

But whilst you are admiring the view there are plenty of things to taste from the famous white truffle many restaurants will not feature dishes garnished with truffle shavings and of course the black truffle. The Porcini of course with all its delicious autumnal flavour set of with fresh pasta or a sprinkling of parsley.

There is always the wine and autumn makes a good red wine especially welcome as the cold evenings draw in.

Verdmont is busy all year round and for last minute guest we are creating a new aperitivo package for hectic, late or last minute arrivals, watch this space!!