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Barbera and our neighbourood

It can seem overwhelming sometimes. Italy really has so much to offer in terms of wine food and culture. Here we are narrowing down on Barbera a signature red grape that produces excellent wine that ages well while being beautifuly drinkable now.

We live in Barbera country. Of course there is white wine (next post) but Red takes centre stage here. Recently Rose and. rose Brut have been making waves.

While harvested around Italy, barbera flourishes in Piedmont โ€“ particularly in Asti where itโ€™s believed to have been grown as far back as the 13th century. โ€œThe barbera grape achieves a unique versatility in Asti and the Monferrato region, both in terms of terroir and production styles,โ€ says Andrea Dani, a sommelier who collaborates with the Consorzio Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato. โ€œIt could give a deep, powerful and plush wine, but also express a dynamic, subtle and sincere, straight, no-frills, extremely easy drinkability.โ€

The terroir Dani is referencing is comprised of steep slopes coated with two types of soil: the marine sedimentary sand of Asti and the marly, calcareous white earth of Alessandria, Canelli and Casale. The territory, combined with the hot summers and cold winters, creates conditions in which barbera thrives.

Read more below or just book a trip and start tasting!!