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RESTUARANTS La Singora in Rosso Nizza

If you take a trip to Nizza there are a few things you can do. One of the quirkier things is to follow a path of the Tourism company landscape story movers. This links to thier Nizza experience which is a deep dive into the history, both the battles an the food and wine history.

One character is a famous Nizza resident Francescao Cirio name still around (you will not notice the tomatoes and sauces in supermarkets today)! The tour complete in the Enoteca, above the Enoteca is a museum covering some of the main products of the area that is of course wine, hazelnuts, Cirio (preserved products), sweets and truffles.

If you like wine the enoteca is a must visit even to buy just one bottle to take home you will find so much more variety here including smaller producers who just cannot export despite amazing quality.

Below the Enoteca is a restaurant which is a delicious treat for the sense for a Sunday lunch or dinner its worth a stop and take a look at the artwork!!