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92 edition International Festival of Tartufo Alba

Alba is a lovely medieval town not far from us. it is a scenic 50 minute drive.

The 92 international fiera di Tartufo is coming to a close (one week left)

One thing about this fair which I will point out is #sustainability. They are taking it seriously and I was delighted , so a huge thank you to the organizers I noticed and you are a great example to learn from.

For the wine tasting we got REAL GLASSES , we also got REAL FORKS for eating our delicious meal.

Look no plastic!!! Delicious pasta to go with the Barbaresco.

The fair has lots of activities like sensory tours, wine tasting and cooking classes. All were huge fun and I highly recommend.

There was of course the opportunity to buy the famous truffle both black and white we opted for both!

At the end we went home happy with our fun day out and had an amazing dinner based on our purchases at the fair.

Tartufo Nero Tartufo Bianco an unbeatable combination.

We will be offering truffle hunting tours with a guide and wine tasting as s day trip so ask for details.

It was delicious. Tajarin, with tartufo nero burro e bianco.