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The road of wine and food – Strada del vino e cibo

We already have a road of wine now there is a plan to add the food in the region too. It makes sense because without wine where is food and vice versa. It is a long standing partnership. worthy of celebration.

A gnocchi filled with gorgonzola (also produced in Novara) paired with a Barbera d’Asti DOC

So the start is to get some of the products onto the map. The wine map through the Monferrato and Langhe regione is a long one and joins major areas like the Barolo, Barbaresco, Arnies growing areas to the the Gavi, Barbera and Acqui (one of the latest DOCG is the Acqui secco rosé). So in this area you ca try a full range of wines coming from the vine stock of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis, Cortese, Brachetto and last but not least Albarossa.

To this we can add the natural food products you can enjoy in the regione. Nocciola (Hazelnuts) which are truly second to none. Porcini famous also for deep flavour and richness. Of course the magnificent White truffle, but also we must note there are numerous Black truffle that add richness and depth to many dishes.

Of course there are also Noce the walnut also very suited to the climate, it grows wild and is a great often overlooked nut!

So to this we can add a layer of processing. Gianduia was invented right here in Piemonte it is a rich delicious blend of toasted hazelnuts and chocolate. A heavenly pairing!

We can also add Cheese, in this regione Monferrato Langhe the real speciality are Robiola di Roccaverano, Toma a family of Alpine cheeses, Raschera from Alto Monferrato a mix of sheep cow and goat milk to create a soft cheese.

This is just a light introduction to just some of the products you can enjoy here. There is much to discover.

So to return to the launch event we were treated to some dished including the nocciole di Piemonte. Toasted, smoked, used in flour and of course creamed.

So my question is are you tastebuds ready for a real treat? If so start booking your trip we have a host of new experiences to offer!