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Electrifying news

We are really quite passionate or should I say obsessed with electrification. This is a global goal that we took very personally over the last few years.

We have thrown out our gas boiler and stove, we stopped burning wood, we ditched the car back in 2019 for an electric one. All of which were brilliant and pure upgrades not a single regret save maybe why we did not do it sooner!

More recently we have turned our attention to smaller but no less important items. As very often things like weed trimmers and chainsaws are small but often strapped to you personally and I was quite tired of breathing in the stench of petrol which permeates everything. Not to mention its carcinogenic so spending a few hours a week fumigating oneself is not smart.

So our latest upgrade, and before I go on just know that every time we switch to electric I assure you it does a FAR superior job than its predecessor.

Going electric is an upgrade in every sense. Here are some things we no longer have to deal with storing jerry cans and oil cans, meaning the whole shed smells. Trying to fill up petroleum and bring it home in the car without spills, gross. Standing in a petrol station filling up anything, you know they have those health warnings up for a reason right?

Teamwork or His and hers

Other things that never happen include overheating (chainsaws regularly do this) or back firing (lawn mowers do this), to being easy peasy to start no rip cords and priming just plug n play. Plus efficient, quiet and a pleasure to use.

Needless to saw we are super happy with these upgrades. The Saw shares the same battery as the weed trimmer and leaf blower so no need to store multiple batteries, recharging is super fast.

So if you need to upgrade garden tools, ditch the horrible fossil ones and go for electric neither you nor your lungs will regret it.

We are not paid to advertise but I will mention we use Ego just because we like the tools!

The smaller chainsaw is ryobi. link here they sell all over Europe and UK

We worked for a few hours and use just half the battery so I estimate from full to empty is a full days work.

So after all is said and done electrify everything. Neither you nor your lungs will regret it!