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Assaggia Tortona

Tortona is an often overlooked town that the hills around nevertheless are famous for wheat, fruit and wine. The area is sometimes known by its latin name, Dethrona just to confuse everyone I expect.

This area is famous for wine and produces both red and white. We always talk about Barbera and that region does this well but maybe more intriguing was the white wines, specifically Timorasso.

I tried a few versions of Timorasso which is the white of the area adn the result are complex, deep, and not at all expected. Interacting with the terroir of Derthona, thanks to its exposure, with brief pre-fermentation maceration and waiting a year in the cellar and at least 4 in the bottle, Derthona Timorasso is a great wine for aging and you can taste that, even in younger varieties.

The fairs are actually a nice way to try a few wines from different producers to find your preferred taste. Here at Assaggia Tortona you buy a glass, thankfully a real one not the plastic that seems to be creeping in and three tastings for 5 euro. There was food but vegetarian and vegans beware alot of the food was pork or salame based. I did find some divine crespelle with a delicate asparagus sauce which was worth hunting for!

After wine and crespelle it was time for Gelato and I found a perfect place Gelateria Mare di Vho . Where I tried the most interesting Cheese flavoured ice cream I have ever tried it was Montebore, creamy salty and would have been perfect with my already consumed crespelle!!

Montebore is a niche and refined cheese born in the province of Alessandria, it is a raw milk product for 70% cow and sheep milk for the remaining 30%.

The appearance is very particular, with a white tower shape, it is said that it was inspired by the shape of the Roman castles.
The surface is smooth and wet when fresh, it becomes more wrinkled in seasoning.


For my cone I chose more traditional but speciality flavours, a crema of the house paired with Baci di Dama Gelato.