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Erasmus + Toast project

This weekend found me traveling into the hills of Ponzone which was absolutely spectacular. The reason was a meeting a group of fabulous like minded people to learn about each other and share experiences. We met only due to a project under the Erasmus banner called TOAST.

The entire project which is a series of learning events I will detail here is Tourism and Sustainability. The area of focus is happily our home the Monferrato.

The group was a mix of places to stay like Verdmont, service providers such as tours and activities like hiking or activities for kids. And of course agricultural activities, like wine makers, food production. The things we shared in common was a love of the Monferrato, a desire to learn more about sustainability, as well as a need to form a better network to enable enhanced experiences for visitors that come to the region every year.

We all introduced ourselves and our various businesses. We met the partners from around Europe. It was a weekend that while being work or learning was really fun and inspiring.