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Botanical Gardens, Alessandria

This weekend was a gift between rains so we decided to take full advantage and go not only to the Nizza market but also the Botanical Gardens in Alessandria, we did travel this 100km in a little Ev the Fiat, it did not complain or breakdown or need charging.

The Botanical Garden was in an odd location near the Cemetery and had quite an unassuming entrance. usually it is only open weekday mornings and you need to buzz to be let in. Once inside you can wander around on your own and there are lots of labels and information in both Italian and English, which is more than enough to enjoy the exhibits.

There are two main hothouses, or greenhouses that are home to arid plants and rainforest plants. Both were of course radically different from each other, nicely laid out and reasonably accessible to all.

There are two aviaries house a number of Parrots, and another pond this time with fish instead of turtles and a variety of lovely water plants.

Outside was a delightful pond, a mini bamboo forest, various trees and a Bonsai collection.

This is a free activity and its well worth a visit the website is here

The charity supporting the gardens with a host of other nature activities geared to kids is here