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Ecological living

In these days of climate emergency I like to take a step back and really look at what one human, or one family can do one step at a time. But not only that something you can do today right now a choice that can make a difference.

It is all too easy to say the problem is too big, nothing I do will help. I prefer to think of the flip side of this, and imagine a lake and you are a pebble, can you see where I am going. Your action small as it may be may be just enough to have a ripple that grows and spreads.

So what action can you take right now that will make an impact?

The main guiding principle is to buy and use and consume as little as possible but this need not be boring or mean discomfort. Let’s have some examples.

Ditch plastic, no plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic bottles, say no!! You won’t miss it. Cling film can be replaced with beeswax wrap, what about baking paper it is not recycled select a reusable sheet.

Take a thermos instead of buying plastic bottles

No plastic toothbrushes, you know they are 100% new plastic, packed in plastic and non recyclable. What about switching to Bamboo? You will not even notice the difference! If even a few billion on this planet did that you can imagine the difference.

Whilst in the bathroom we can also toss plastic cotton buds there are paper and reusable alternatives.

We can also ditch sanitary pads for bamboo reusable ones or a diva cup, they work they are available you save money.

Shun clothing, really buy the minimum and make it last, by the way restyling clothes is actually a thing and its enormous fun. Swap, exchange clothing.

You can do the above with furniture too, can notice many hand painted and recycled items at Verdmont it breathes new life into old pieces.

A major contender would be to reduce meat consumption especially beef.

Buy less meat and buy local where possible.

There are so many things you can do the list goes on and on once you start thinking there are many creative changes you can make, in fact I would like to hear some ideas. So message us via twitter, instagram or facebook.

Think R




Before you buy, think can I get a less package alternative. Do I need this at all? How long will it last?

boutique bed and breakfast

2019 a year of Change, Climate change

No sooner we opened the new extended Glamping it was swept away quite literally. The November storms that hit Italy wrought devastation to our new nature zone. Taking the entire A frame around 29m downhill in a huge landslide.

We have manage to dig most of the structure out and have already started to rebuild in another location.

On a negative note this shows the destruction possible in a very short space of time, on a positive note it allows for renewal and rethinking and reusing.

We are of course disturbed by this setback but we must also recognize that it was due to extreme weather caused by climate change. This is not the first time we have had flooding in the region, but each time it happens it is more water more extreme.

Far from being discouraged we are redoubling our efforts both personally and on a business level to combat climate change and we will be sharing those ideas with you.

We will be back better than before …watch this space.

boutique bed and breakfast

Viking Glamping

In our continuous efforts to expand our minimal impact ecological vacation choices we are extending the Glamping which can now host up to a family of 6, across two tents.

Made by hand to our design and buying materials as close to home as possible and disturbing the ground as little as possible we have built a second tent, just as comfy as the first so you can experience luxury camping with no guilt.

The land around the Glamping has been left intentionally wild to encourage biodiversity. You will see many wild animals like deer, boar, rabbits, coypu, squirrels, and bird like owls, buzzards, to name a few.

The water is heated with solar power.

Most of the lamps and phone chargers are solar powered.

And more importantly you are as close to nature as possible.

Please try not to disturb the wildlife and only observe, most are quite happy to remain close if you let them. We accept pets on the basis that they remain under control on leash at all times and are not permitted to hunt wild animals. Remember to a domestic animal it may be fun to chase but to a wild animal it is a threat to life, please be understanding and above all respect nature.