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Borsalino, once the King of Hats

Once upon a time, not so long ago. Alessandria was the epi centre of a hat boom. Borsalino went from a small artisan shop to a hat empire, supplying non other than Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Today no one wears hats but Borsalino remains, reduced in size but as an ode to this chapter they have recently opened a museum, which is a grand idea because who does not like to learn about that glorious past?

The Museum had an app to guide you through the story dating back to 1857 to the present day. There was also an interactive guide and a short movie as well as a beautiful hat display case.

Hats have been a part of our wardrobes for a long time, they have fallen out of favour however still hold a special place for many. The museum is a nice way to spend an hour steeped in history especially if you are a fashionista! A combination trip to the museum and Serravalle Scrivia designer shopping outlet makes a great day trip from Verdmont.