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Visit to a brewery – Visita in Birrificio

A Visit to a small but upcoming Birrificio, is always an exciting experience..

Luvertin, (meaning wild hops from the Piemontese dialect) are a new and upcoming Brewery. located in Terzo, a small town outside Acqui Terme.

Birra Dalla Spina.

Local artisan beers made with interesting, and/or traditional ingredients from hops to corriander and even special herbs to add extra taste.

Corriander Australian inspired brew and, Traditional Pils, are two of the diverse tastes.

Luvertin specializes in festive brews, refreshing beers to drink at a party, or an aperitivo, however their stronger beer (known as the Triple) is perfect alongside a hearty meal.

Fermentation Tanks

The brew ferments for 1-5 weeks.

Located in the valley of Terzo a charming Medieval villiage atop the hill. a quick visit is more than possible.

Luvertin beers will be available at Verdmont, in our work to bring the local food culture to our guests.