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Cittร  del Vino, Canelli wine festival

Entertainment at the Enoteca regionale Canelli

All fun and games at the Canelli wine festival around 30 minutes from Acqui terme, The festival gathers wineries from the area to display their wines. It is an interesting experience you buy a set of tickets you get PLASTIC vessel, I suggest you bring your own glass there is nothing worse than wine from a plastic glass! which must be an oxymoron?

Barbera, Pinot Noir, but also Spumante are heavily featured and the quality is top notch. The slightly confusing thing it is is hard to remember exactly what you tried unless you diligently write everything down which I will next time along with bringing my own glass. Food was also good a small selection of street food, included a strange innovation of selling raw meat in a cone!!

There was live entertainment, and the little City was buzzing with excitment. Canelli a good place to visit while in Acqui terme.