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World Pizza Day & The Pizza Experience

Today is Pizza day in Italy. Of all the foods we know and love, Pizza has to be one of the top dishes globally of all time. It is a national favourite here and a firm fixture in our family diet!

It has burst out of Italy and graces plates worldwide with doughy goodness. Who in the world does not like pizza I mean honestly now!!

So as many know we offer a pizza making experience where you can prepare pizza and cook it in our wood fire pizza oven shown. But what many people may not know is that to make a really good pizza that is digestible and delicious and not heavy you need time. ALOT OF TIME!

Yes many but not all Pizza’s start with a high water content dough or in Italian pasta per pizza. The higher the better, this requires a long rising time and quite robust flour. Usually 24 hours rising ours takes 48 hours. So think about that 48 hours before you even thought the word pizza we were already preparing!!

We believe you can recreate this at home without a good fired oven and we aim to show you how and you will leave with a recipe card complete with folding techniques for our perfectly hydrated hand made pizza. Interested? you can join our experience every weekend in summertime. We host Saturday and Sundays but we do need 2 days notice! You don’t have to be a guest it is open to everyone.

Prefer to dive into fresh pasta making instead? We have that too stay tuned for more!

Three pizzas baking in a wood fired Brick oven
Pizza for world Pizza day in our wood fired oven

We are food hygiene trained and part of the Cesarine slow food community