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Recipe – Beautiful Puntarelle what to do with it?

This vegetable appears in late winter early spring and its really exotic looking at least to my eyes. It has a slight bitter flavour its called Puntarelle, it is part of the chicory family so be away it has a lightly bitter taste. Here are a couple of ways to prepare.

Strangely the most labour intensive way is in raw in a salad. This means take the head and slice chop finely and immerse it in ice water for an hour, this shoould release some of the bitterness, then you can drain it and drizzle with oil lemon or dressing of choice, many will add anchovies for the strong flavour.

My preferred way is to to lightly pan sear and then add a dressing with capers, olives, (anchovies optional) lemon and olive oil. You can serve this as a mineral rich super food side dish on pasta or rice.

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