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The Food Market / Il Mercato

The food markets in Acqui are actually far more than just food there also have all manner of fabric and clothing and household items. They take place every Tuesday and Friday morning except national holidays, parking will be scarse and the market dominates the town for a few hours.

The Biological market which has a wider range (not produce more honey, flour, legumes, wine) is on the first Saturday of each month. link here for more info and updates

The place we go is tucked away from the main market but it focusses on local growers ( in contrast to retails who may or may not grow some or all the produce).

This is truly local, faithfully seasonal eating as throughout the year the produce changes. Personally I donโ€™t find that a restriction I find it refreshing and interesting to change diet and recipes with the seasons. it is built in variety without even trying!. Those growing locally will not have tomatoes and pepper and aubergines. Right now in late winter it is alot of root vegetables, leafy greens, squash and mainstays. But also interesting vegetables like this one pictured Puntarelle, I will post a recipe in the coming days .

A personal favourite is the roast beetroots chopped into a salad or a soup they are perfect and the colour is amazing. I wont find them in A few months so I am enjoying it now. Another really delicious idea is using the cavolo nero in the grill. It is super simple and delicious there will be a recipe to follow just search our blog I hope to publish in the new weeks.

Soon the fresh asparagus will arrive and for a few weeks we will have abundant dishes with that!

We live in an age of globalization, speed, on demand. We want to get every desire met right now no matter where it came from. We do not like planning or waiting, we demand service and convenience. We have forgotten simple things like seasonality. The fact that it migt be fine to wait for the the right season, it might taste better and make less impact is ignored. But I think this is flawed.

The waiting makes the arrival of the best and freshest sweeter. Health is wealth!