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Truffle hunting a day trip

Last week we made a trip to La Morra to meet a man and his dog about some truffles.

The first thing to know is there are around 6 native truffle types, each with its own cycle and growing conditions. So fortunately there is some truffle joy all year round, you do not need to hold out of only the famous white truffle Tuber Magnum but you can visit and hunt for truffles any time of year.

You won’t find much without a guide or a dog who work together with knowledge of the area and the rather fickle nature of truffles.

The introduction to Truffles

Once the introduction is over we talk a beautiful walk through the vines and Hazelnut groves. Along the way we talk about how life in Piemonte has change. How agriculture has become more invasive and industrial and how delicate the balance is for wild species, like truffles.

The dog is the undisputed leader when hunting for truffles.
The majestic Monviso visible in the distance

The tour take a couple hours through a small woodland area. Doggie leads the way while being guided by the truffle hunter. It is a partnership where the truffle hunter uses his knowledge while the hound has the actual senses to detect the treasure. Certain trees will yield truffles others wonโ€™t it all depends on an extensive root system and the relationship between the trees and the truffles themselves. After a good hunt in the forest we return to the meeting point. At this point is the hunting is successful guests can buy the findings.

This is a new experience we will be offering next year along with pizza making, pasta making & hiking. Are you ready to learn have fun and get your hands messy?