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The Verdmont Picnic experience

After a few requests we have finally organized location and more importantly food and wine.

We suggest you visit the monumental Oak just outside Acqui, gps location provided. This beautiful Oak surrounded by vines from the Winery Araldica is an enviable spot.

The Oak has been there for at least 100 years I suspect longer! The cool shade is perfect for relaxing for a moment and taking in the panoramic views. While you are there we provide you with a handmade (local artisan) basket packed with a local Acqui DOCG prosecco and a lunch which features fresh local produce and no waste. You will not find any plastic or throwaway items. Real cutlery and glasses wooden plates. So you can enjoy your lunch knowing you are really helping the environment.

So ask us the basket is available for daytime or early evening picnics.

boutique bed and breakfast

The Big Bench, The Red Bench Cascina Garitina

We are wandering in the baking heat through the vines to find the Big red bench it was a little hike from the signpost but as ever the views were worthwhile. The Bench is situated at the top of a hill covered in vines, in the Nizza Docg zone. Right in the heart of Unesco.

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The Big Benches Green bench Fontanile

Close to Verdmont there is yet another panorama to enjoy by sunrise or sunset . The big green bench boast views from the cute town of Fontanile who has a rather talented local artist as you can see from our fun photos below. Head to Fontanile it is a short 15 minute drive from Verdmont and the views well, let’s just say they are better in real life.Come and see for yourself, Piemonte never disappoints.

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The Lavender fields of Piemonte

In many places you can see lavender fields stretching out instead of vines, Its purple and its pretty it is a must see for the heady days in summer. The most famous is Sale di San Giovanni but if you are staying at Verdmont there is a mini version much closer in Casteletto Erro a small hilltop village worth a visit for the commanding views from the tower.

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The Big Benches Pink Bench

The Big benches are a community project and basically huge fun to visit. The idea from American artist Chris Bangle was to feel childlike before a panorama. The are always in panoramic spots with the vines featured. This particular bench is pink for the beautiful, and refreshing flavours of Brachetto d’Acqui. The bench is easy to reach and is close to Alice Bel Colle, which is a small town that is worth a visit for the views alone, Here is a small sample. Both Alice bel Colle and the Bench are a 15 minutes from Verdmont