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Fort di Bard a day trip

While it is not close to Verdmont I have long wanted to take a trip to Fort di Bard in Aosta. Mostly because we have driven past many times, it looks imposing and Napoleon was involved.

Yesterday we managed and it was a nice trip. The Fort itself is set dead centre of a valley that was carved into a U shape by the Baltea Glacier. It has magnificent views which in times past would have been an enviable vantage point. In 1800 it fell to Napoleons army who proceed to Marengo; much closer to home and defeat the Austrians. He then ordered the fort destroyed but a short 30 years later it was rebuilt. Today it is primarily an exhibitions space surrounded by a medieval village which is absolute in its charms.

Short distance was Donnas a medieval village with its own section of roman road and arch, shown in the gallery.

And how could I forget, it was the stage set in an Avengers movie too…