The Room @ Verdmont



The Room @ Verdmont is a luxurious romantic getaway.



A large comfortable country style room with huge windows, boasting views over expansive private gardens and vine covered hills. It has a private walk in shower and a walk in closet. There is access to a large sunny deck and grounds directly from your room. Laundry and breakfast service available.

The room and its adjoining spaces are private and quiet. The room boasts a lounge area and is exquisitely Italian in decor. There are locks on the inside of the doors but not on the outside. There is a safe in your room for small valuables if you wish. All decor has been chosen with great care including antiques, custom bedding and a fluffy Verdmont bathrobe (for stays of three nights or more).

There is a large deck and garden space directly in front of your room.

The Room @ Verdmont is a fixed price of €65 all year round. You can opt for breakfast served on the terrace in summer for €8 per person. An extra single bed is available on request for €10 per night.