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Jazz Acqui

As summer gets going we have live entertainment back. Super cool to sit by the Roman arches and soak up some jazz., Carlo Atti Quartet. There was amazing. It is s series so each weekend there is Jazz and Rock .

But wait there is more, emerging from a block are three sculptures being worked on live. Go snd see them. Acqui may be small but its a little hub for culture art music and wine.

boutique bed and breakfast

Conde Nast Puts Piemonte on the map…. again.

Piedmont, Italy: an unlocked kingdom

This proud, polished northern Italian region is giving Tuscany and Puglia a run for their money, thanks to a boom in its southern Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato areas. Two game-changing openings are making these wine-centric areas more accessible to travellers.

So for culture wine food, fun, and of course sunshine; You have come to the right place.

Full article is here