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Events at Verdmont

At Verdmont, we are small in size but big on events. Our team has experience in organising events for groups, including in house activities like pizza and pasta cooking classes. Or visits to our partner wineries. The group can get hands working and ovens firing all in a natural relaxed atmosphere, what could be better for family bonding, memories and team building!

For team building events we offer Ebikes from Verdmont we can arrange a scenic bike challenge to reach a local partner winery where you can taste wine then cycle back to Verdmont for dinner.

For family reunions we are a perfect venue multiple families can join each having a private unit space but with the ability to share experiences and fun by the pool , there is a kids area with swings and a trampoline and an adventure walk. Food will not be a problem as we offer multiple options. We also offer babysitting for the time when you might need a short break.

So whatever the occasion. we are ready to help you make it unforgettable. Call us!