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Yoga for well being

Today we are happy to announce a new activity at Verdmont. We now offer Yoga lessons, with our Yogi Valentina. This adds to our suite of well being including massage therapy and biking .

The yoga class takes place in our huge open green space which is very relaxing or we have also an innovative water yoga (dependent on pool temperature). It is open to all from beginners to experienced Yogis, the lesson will be tailored to your abilities, needs and limitations.

The sessions last an hour and are designed to go through deep stretching while connecting your mind & body: the session ends with a beautiful guided meditation accompanied by Tibetan bells. You will enter into a feeling of peace and tranquility. There is nothing better than taking the time for yourself during your vacation to really focus on inner mindfulness.

The bells used in water provide a pleasant vibration that helps you relax and immerse yourself in the water but also deep tranquillity. The grounds around Verdmont are quiet and peaceful so you can really let go and enjoy the sensation of peace. and nature.

So we look forward to seeing you on the Yoga mat!