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2022 Acqui sapori, History & White Truffles

Acqui sapori is an annual event, where a theme usually regarding food takes place in the Centro Congressi .

You can taste, explore and buy products, made by local artisans.

There is everything from Cheese, Honey, Beer, Wine, Sausage, and in this season the famous white Truffles which can be found in the surround hills (not only Alba).

This year, a historical reinactment group partook in the celebration.

A special feature this year was a local historical group also had a display. The table ranged from the ancient Greeks, all the way to the Late Middle Ages, with specialty wine from Rome, and a Medieval drink known as Ippocrasso.

Non edible food added to the charm of the display.

Artisan Beer, made with Honey, and thicker than a usual pils, had a hefty taste to it. I reccomend!

Amazing Cheese!

It wouldn’t be an Acqui sapori without the long list of Cheeses. Sliced on Bread with Boar Sausage, and Beer is a perfect combo!