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Acqui wine days Acqui DOC

Acqui wine days Piazza Italia

There was alot of activities in and around Acqui for this celebration of wine with the Acqui DOGC appellation. But first what is Acqui DOC?

Acqui DOC includes Rosรฉ, Red brachhetto, Red docetto, Red sparking sweet wine. Quite a range for a small town, letsโ€™s look at each one in more detail.

First up is a light elegant sparking rose wine, a foamy celebration of perfume and aroma that can only be found here. This wine is not sweet but Brut and has all the hallmarks of a prosecco. But with a more complex flavor.

The second is the tried and True Dolcetto di Acqui, our daily wine, our work horse our friend. A red best drunk young with friends!

The third is a really particular wine, it is Acqui secco DOCG this is produced using 100% brachetto grapes which are usually very sweet but the fermentaiton removes most of the sugar but leaves an intruiginly perfumed wine that has an aroma of fruit and berries and has to be tried to be believed.

The wide range of Acqui DOC wines

The last but no least is the wine that carries you into the end of a meal, the Acqui Bracchetto it is full of fruit and flavour that pairs well with chocolate and red berries or alone if you are not a dessert fan. I drink it frozen as a refreshing granita!

You can try this range with a touch of Acquese history in the Enoteca Regionale di Acqui terme, who serve each with a small local snack of cheese or salami prosciutto.

The cozy underground Enoteca !

It goes without saying that each one of these is available here at Verdmont for you to buy and drink or take home with you. We can also recommend the best wineries where you can try and by exemplars of each one.

Hard work but someone has to try these wines and make sure they are available to guests!!