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Michele Chiarlo

This week we took ourselves to the Michele Chiarlo winery in Canelli, hopefully we can create a beautiful easy informative experience. We were greeted by two members of the team and had a walk around the facilities.

We touched upon the terroir especially the very special Cannubi for Barolo, the Nizza appellations and the process. The winery was ultra modern. With some specialised robots for some heavy duty stacking tasks, I imagine that saves a few back aches.

We then walked though the various barren lined halls where there is a very specific mixing and management of the Barbera. This could be why they taste so good, we noted to barrels were very young (assuming to add a deeper wood flavour).

One thing worth mentioning this is more a premium winery where one should definitely visit if you are a collector as many of the range will improve with age, some of the aging periods we learned about are really long. For Barbera years and the Barolo around 30 (obviously in ideal conditions).

The Tastings offered are varied from the panorama which covers the entire range tasting covering the whites (Gavi), Barbera, Barolo and Moscato.

To the range focused on Barbera, The range focused on Nebbiolo. To the very special tasting taking the top Cru Barolo Cannubi, Barolo Cerequio, Barbaresco Faset, Barbaresco Asilli.

It is a serious wine tasting you do gain alot of information its available in English and Italian. I would say try and leave with at least one bottle very few wineries have this range of high quality wines. It is wonderful we are anke to collaborate with Michele Chiarlo and bring this to you, our guests.

Ready for tasing, 5 glasses one more if you book with us!

After the tasting we took quick trip to visit the vines themselves, of course, where there is an Art Park with some delightful sculptures.

Look out for our wine experiences in your information pack!